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Health and Wellbeing - more than just good health, wellbeing describes a state of wellness of body, mind and soul, where all are in a state of health, the individual is happy and prospering. Wellbeing is not available by prescription, there is no one path and many different roads can be taken to arrive there.

All paths to health and wellbeing, be they traditional or non mainstream viewpoints or modalities are seen at the wellbeing spot as having valid reasons for existence.  On our site are many articles about different wellbeing modalities, personal journeys to health.... all aimed at allowing our site readers to explore for themselves a way forward on their own journey to wellbeing.

We publish articles written by health and wellbeing professionals as well as personal accounts from non professionals and welcome submission of both types of articles.  Some of our readers are looking for expert information, others are looking to find someone else walking a similar path of wellness, or unwellness.

Our feature articles this month are:-

Fitness Training Fat Burn of Fitness Train for Weight Loss? As a former fattie myself heading off to the gym for the first time, I remember this very thin trainer telling me to do fat burn exercises.... exercises I saw none of the really thin, lean people at the gym doing and it made me wonder. Well, this article answers all!
Fungal Rash eating fish Fish ate my Fungal Rash a funny but also illuminating article about how a non mainstream treatment performed at least as well, possibly better, than a treatment from a doctor or drugstore and
man shaving face with grater Shaving Rash - Lavender Oil vs Cortisone Cream - another funny story which also carries a message that sometimes a skin rash cure need not come in a $20 tube of cream.
girl eating nutella Nutella  No, it's not good for you. Just because a Tv ad presents a food as good for you.... be a little skeptical. Maybe, they have higher sales as their motive rather than your health?
  Treat the Problem not the Symptoms - I loved this article, it just goes to show that diagnosis and modern medicine... well its not like it is shown on MD House

Other recent such articles include "My addiction to Nasal Spray" the story of a man who succumbed to the promise of clear sinuses as offered by over the counter nasal spray, and "Bad Breath? Maybe its Tonsoliths or Tonsil Stones" the story of modern medicines failure to diagnose what should have been a simple problem, bad breathe caused by tonsoliths.

Each month we will bring to you new articles both from our site experts and visitors sharing their stories of well being triumph, if you have such a story we'd love to hear from you.

Sites we Like

This is a new section where we will be linking out to a few sites which in some way, are focused on wellbeing, though not in the way that a practitioner might be!

No, you can't buy these links so please don't bother offering us money for them.  If you want your link here,  write to us and convince us yours should be here and we might just add it!

Green Gecko Project Tanya from the Green Gecko, is a marvel and I love her dearly.  Tanya having traveled to Cambodia and seeing the terrible lives some of the street kids had, decided that she should go back, set up and orphanage and outreach support service for the homeless and disadvantaged kids.  She arranges for them to be educated, or taught busking skills so they need not beg or prostitute themselves - it looks like she's even going to get one of her kids into a real university.  Go Tanya.

Dee Why Physio - I like this website not because of the website itself, but because the guy building it is having a crack at building a network of physiotherapy sits for small practices, bringing them business first then charging them later.  Seems like a great plan for the physios, let’s see how it works out!

Craig Villarrubia – a Course in Miracles  Craig is an enigma, as his is website.  Rarely have I seen a man combining such a love of the spiritual, with a love of technology.  Craig's website, and message are both beautiful messages of spirituality and personal growth.  Well worth a look. 

Sonia Devine Hynoptherapy Melbourne Sonia is both a lecturer in hynposis and a clinical hynoptherapist so you know she is the real deal, with a practice specialising in Anxiety, weight loss and stop smoling therapy.

Got a business or organization with a tale worth telling?  Visit our contact page, and let us know.

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