More and more through the development of modern ways of healing pain, there is a fundamental recognition that the human being is multi-faceted; therefore fixing a knee or back through one means can become the start of another and compensating problem. Addressing the ‘whole’ person through an inner knowledge of how we function can be very clearly experienced through learning the Alexander Technique.

Through this, we learn our own personal set of ‘keys’; and so unlock habitual (often damaging) patterns of moving, speaking, breathing….in fact everything that fills our day. This empowers us to be our own internal explorers. A story of many years of back pain is common; following many disciplines to find cure, the pain gradually gets worse. Slowly extending to upper back, and then neck despite years of manipulation and massage,

We are our own best healers, and sometimes we just need a little outside input. FM Alexander was self taught in his quest to heal his throatproblem when no treatment helped him. And he left this valuable technique for those who wish to follow the same route to healing.

From playing a musical instrument to sitting all day at a desk, doing housework or preganancy, there is no human who cannot find a more efficient way of ‘being’.