Choose a good aromatherapy guide when considering learning more about essential oils and their properties and consider it as an investment into your holistic health and well-being. A quality aromatherapy guide will help make you choose the correct oils which are perfect for your individual needs and will save you time and money in the long run. An aromatherapy guide will have a great deal of important information contained within the pages and it is important that you spend some time learning how aromatherapy works and understanding the basics before rushing out to buy any oils.

There are many positive aspects to learning all about this simple and holistic therapy and be prepared for the fact that the more you learn, the more you will wish to learn. It can become an addictive hobby to have as its gentle influences will make you feel healthier, happier, more focussed and relaxed than you will have done for a long time. Your aromatherapy guide will just be the start of a long association with these incredible oils and you can gradually build up a collection of diverse oils to suit your lifestyle.

There are many different oils and those oils all have unique properties and contra-indications which must be adhered to and the examples below would both be listed in a good aromatherapy guide:

– Rosemary Oil
Although should not be used in pregnancy, there are many unique properties such as helping to bring clarity of mind and relief from depression. Good for respiratory problems and for using in massage oil.

– Bergamot Oil
This oil has so many positive qualities such as an anti-depressant and a relaxant; it is an aid to digestion as well as being excellent for treating respiratory problems.

There are many opportunities to be able to purchase your aromatherapy guide and certainly health shops and general bookshops will have a variety of books which should suit your needs. There are also specialist aromatherapy websites available where you would be able to purchase individual oils and of course, an in-depth aromatherapy guide.