A guide to quick fix self-help treatments!
Using aromatherapy oil for upliftment, stress, vitality or for specific health reasons is easy, time effective and takes very little knowledge. It is the perfect hobby for all and because there is so much information available through books or on the internet, it is easy to pick an aromatherapy oil to suit your current needs. We all live in a stressful society, where our energy becomes depleted due to the sometimes intense demands on our time but if we are feeling stressed or have headaches for example, instead of reaching for pain killers; we should reach for the Lavender aromatherapy oil instead.

Every aromatherapy oil has its own qualities and it is these qualities which we need to source so that we can turn this to our own advantage. If we have specific health needs that we would like to try to self heal, then it is important that we choose those oils which will offer us the greatest healing potential. We should all keep a complimentary first aid kit so that we can use natural methods for healing prior to using traditional methods for example:

Tea Tree Oil
Unlike most other oils, can be used directly onto the skin. Used neat it can be a fantastic treatment for athletes foot and it also works well on warts and even insect bites. Diluted in bath water it can even be good for cystitis. It must be a pure tea tree aromatherapy oil however, do not be persuaded to buy a lesser quality oil as there are so many uses for tea tree in your first aid kit.

Basil Oil
Can be used to help combat colds and flu or used to increase clarity and concentration. Basil oil can also be used in massage for aching muscles, always mix well with a good carrier oil however, as it can be a skin irritant.

Rosemary essential Oil
Wonderful for massage when diluted with a good carrier oil and traditionally known for its beneficial effect on hair, both as a stimulant for health growth and also for those suffering with oily hair or dandruff. This oil should not be used by pregnant women or for those with high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Always read the contra-indications before purchasing any aromatherapy oil.