Aromatherapy oils are suitable for all levels of experience and if you have never used them before but would like to try them out, then it is worth investing in a good book which covers all of the complexities of the oils, the contra-indications and the benefits that can be accrued. Fortunately there is so much information available on aromatherapy oils that there is always so much to learn, and those who are enthusiastic regarding learning more, should find aromatherapy oils a complex subject. Aromatherapy oils and all its associations can become fairly expensive so it is worth discovering which oils should be purchased first as this will mean minimal expenditure.

Essential oils can be purchased direct from internet websites which specialize in selling aromatherapy oils and other related items. Equally there are many shops that also sell the most popular varieties of the oils but always check that you are purchasing the pure essential oils as there are cheaper but lower quality products around, but these do not have the same benefits.

There is no need to go to see a qualified aromatherapist if you just wish to learn about mixing your own lotions or creams in your own home. You can learn how to make your own healing and beauty skin care treatments from reading up on the subject.

It is a good idea to consider how you would like to use the aromatherapy oils before purchase, for example:

– Oil burner
– Diffuser
– Lotions
– Skin care recipes
– Make scented candles
– Make scented soaps

There is a multitude of different recipes that can be made but before rushing out to buy any expensive ingredients, read up and consider exactly what treatments you would like to start with. There are lots of different massage oils which are easy to make and wonderful for the skin, other options include oils for the bath, soaps to make and so much more:

Be aware however that it is important that oils are not put straight onto the skin; they must be diluted in a good carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba or grape oil.? Tea Tree and Lavender oil are exceptions to this rule.

The mixture can be stored in a glass jar, away from natural sunlight or artificial light and if looked after, aromatherapy oils will last up to three years.