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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an holistic therapy that uses music to attend to physical, emotional, cognitiv..


Osteopathy together with chiropractic is one of the two major systems of manipulative therapy. ..


Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine where an ill person is be treated using a greatly ..


Kinesiology is an holistic health disciplines which uses muscle monitoring to access informatio..

Massage Therapy

Massage is likely the oldest form of healing in existence. The use of touch to relieve aching m..

Relaxation Therapy

Realaxation Therapyᅠis a modern technique whereby the patientᅠis taught how to use muscle r..

Wellbeing Modalities

The path to wellbeing is many - some are preventative, some are curative - and there are many...


Yogalates is a blend of yoga and pilates formulated by Louise Soloman of Byron Bay, Australia. ..


A person in hypnosis is not "asleep"; they are often more aware of what is taking place than no..


Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by the German Joseph from www.slimmeryoufitness...