Aromatherapy Recipes


The Healing Qualities of Aromatherapy Essential Oils!Aromatherapy recipes are easy to work with and use and it only takes a little knowledge to be able to produce wonderful, natural remedies which have a multitude of

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Genetically Modified Foods


"Frankenstein food" as G.M.F.'s are sometimes referred to, are foods made with genetically modified organisms. They are most commonly soy, corn, cottonseed, and canola, although other agricultural foods, ranging from alfalfa to zucchini, now also

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Aromatherapy Treatment


An aromatherapy treatment in addition to being wonderfully relaxing, can also be extremely beneficial health-wise. Aromatherapy is a natural and holistic therapy which although quite in-depth as regards the number of oils and their individual

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Q: What amino acids are the essential amino acids? - Layperson A: You may see conflicting data on this, but to be labeled essential, means the amino acid must be gotten from the diet because

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Stop Smoking – Behaviour Therapy


Smoking becomes not only a physical addiction but also a psychological addiction and a habit, which is one of the reasons why quitting it without having to go to addiction treatment centers can be hard.

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