Stop Smoking by Self-Hypnosis


Self-hypnosis involves the same ideas and techniques as hypnosis practiced by a trained hypnotherapist but individuals attempt to place themselves in a relaxed and hypnotic state. Although this may help with getting over an addiction,

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Wellbeing Journeys


The stories on this page are all submitted by our readers. Got a personal journey of wellbeing to share? We'd love to hear it and share it with our site visitors. Tell us yours! "Tell

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Stop Smoking – Relapse Prevention


Relapse Prevention is a common term used in many forms of california rehab center, including stopping smoking. The theory of relapse prevention is quite simple. If we recognise why and when we feel the need

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Stop Smoking – Nicotine Inhaler


Nicotine Inhalers are another alternative nicotine replacement product (nicotine replacement therapy or NRT). The nicotine inhaler is a plastic tube shaped roughly like a cigarette (or more like an old fashioned cigarette filter). The nicotine

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Stop Smoking – Hypnosis


Hypnosis has become an increasingly popular tool for those who wish to stop smoking cigarettes. Professional hypnotherapists are located in many places and are consulted by people who wish to conquer their fears, decrease the

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Stop Smoking – Cold Turkey


According to the lingo that the addiction treatment near me gathers from its patients, quitting smoking "cold turkey" means that a smoker will simply just stop smoking using no nicotine replacement products and not weaning

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