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Taking Care of Yourself in a Tough Economy

Yes, stocks and home prices are down, but that doesn't mean that we need to choose to become m..

A Bottom-Line Learning – Healing from the Inside to Out! Alexander Technique

More and more through the development of modern ways of healing pain, there is a fundamental re..

How to Quit Smoking Permanently With the Forever Free Program of Hypnotherapy

Cigarette smoking can be a nasty habit. Every year more facts are unearthed about the destructi..

Bad Breath? Maybe its Tonsoliths or Tonsil Stones

I did not really discover girls till my mid teens, and it was at this time I discovered somethi..

Fish ate my Fungal Rash

I live in Byron Bay which is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. It's warm enough to ..

Jaw Soreness and Physiotherapy – Treatment for TMJ

I'd always had a clicking jaw, nothing major and it had never bothered me. I remember reading s..

Stresssed Out?

Stressed Out? Have you been feeling trapped, blocked, helpless, overwhelmed, agitated or sim..

Create Your Outcome

Hypnotic Moments Think Your Day, Creating Your Outcome By Robert Collier, CHT Imagination is..

What Is Hypnosis, Is It Real, Hypnotism & Benefits Of The Subconscious Altered State Of Mind

In this article, I will as an experienced hypnosis practitioner strip away the myths from hypno..


Q: What amino acids are the essential amino acids? - Layperson A: You may see conflicting data..