Awaken! οΎ¦ and suddenly you have met your truth. Create your own, brighter dawn! We tend to think that in order to feel accomplished, whether it be in our career, relationship, health, with our children

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Confusio, ADD?? or Neurological Disorganization — A Problem Dealt With Applied Kinesiology


Do you have trouble following directions? Overly clumsy? Suffer from quick temper or mood changes, or have learning difficulties. Then you may be "switched" or have a problem with neurological organization which can be fixed

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Traditional Diagnosis and Acupuncture


The acupuncturist determines which points to treat by observing and questioning the patient. In TCM, there are four diagnostic methods: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiring, and palpation Inspection concentrates on the face and in particular

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Stop Smoking – Relapse Prevention


Relapse Prevention is a common term used in many forms of california rehab center, including stopping smoking. The theory of relapse prevention is quite simple. If we recognise why and when we feel the need

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Safety and risks of Acupuncture


As acupuncture needles penetrate the skin it is not without some risk. Injuries are rare among patients treated by trained practitioners. In most countries, needles are required by law to be sterile, disposable and used

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