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Jaw Soreness and Physiotherapy – Treatment for TMJ

I'd always had a clicking jaw, nothing major and it had never bothered me. I remember reading s..

Stresssed Out?

Stressed Out? Have you been feeling trapped, blocked, helpless, overwhelmed, agitated or sim..

Create Your Outcome

Hypnotic Moments Think Your Day, Creating Your Outcome By Robert Collier, CHT Imagination is..

What Is Hypnosis, Is It Real, Hypnotism & Benefits Of The Subconscious Altered State Of Mind

In this article, I will as an experienced hypnosis practitioner strip away the myths from hypno..


Q: What amino acids are the essential amino acids? - Layperson A: You may see conflicting data..

Adrenal Fatigue – Understanding the Mechanism of Declining Health

Adrenal fatigue is rampant - most do not even know that they have it! It is a serious issue th..

My Physiotherapy Treatment for my Shoulder

Nietse(originally from Holland) spent almost 40 minutes taking me through a range of movement..

4 weeks later – Shoulder Pain is leaving.

For the first week, I did my exercises whilst watching the dvd I'd got from Nietse, and my wif..


Awaken! ᆭ and suddenly you have met your truth. Create your own, brighter dawn! We tend to t..

Sore shoulders? Avoid Shoulder Surgery. See a Physiotherapist.

My dad was 65 when he had shoulder surgery. He had a bone spur on his shoulder joint, and it h..