Create Your Outcome


Hypnotic Moments Think Your Day, Creating Your Outcome By Robert Collier, CHT Imagination is the language of the mind and emotion is the fuel which powers it. Most people have heard the phrase "You are

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Treat the Problem, not the Symptoms


As a dermatologist, I often myself the brunt of jokes from colleagues who have specialised in other areas of Medicine. IN the medical professional, dermatologists are 2nd only to plastic surgeons when it comes to

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ThetaHealing: Brainwaves


THETA WAVES Theta waves (4-7 cps) occur in sleep and are dominant in our highest state of meditation. We normally only experience theta waves as we drift off to sleep, during some dreaming, and as

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Aromatherapy Sets


Buying an aromatherapy set makes a good present for anyone who may be interested in learning more about holistic health. An aromatherapy set comes in a wide range of sizes, contents and prices, so it

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Stresssed Out?


Stressed Out? Have you been feeling trapped, blocked, helpless, overwhelmed, agitated or simply stressed out? Difficult times always exacerbate the vulnerable places within us; the solution requires a two step approach. The first task is

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Choosing a yoga teacher


How to find the best Teacher for You!A yoga teacher who is enthusiastic as well as supportive can help to change the lifestyle of the most sedimentary participant and a yoga teacher who leads by

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