Category: Wellbeing Modalities

Raindrop Therapy

Stressed out? Tired of the same old, same old? Surgery out of the question? Why not try somethi..


Physiotherapy is one of the best known of the wellbeing modalities with equal focus on both cur..


Yoga is an ancient system of practices originating in India, aimed at inte­grating mind, body,..


Osteopathy together with chiropractic is one of the two major systems of manipulative therapy. ..

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an holistic therapy that uses music to attend to physical, emotional, cognitiv..


Reiki is a stream of natural healing, which relies on the transference of healing energy from p..


Acupuncture describes the medical and holistic practice of inserting and manipulating ultra fin..

Massage Therapy

Massage is likely the oldest form of healing in existence. The use of touch to relieve aching m..


Yogalates is a blend of yoga and pilates formulated by Louise Soloman of Byron Bay, Australia. ..

Wellbeing Modalities

The path to wellbeing is many - some are preventative, some are curative - and there are many...