Chi Nei Tsang abdominal chi massage is nothing new. For thousands of years taoists have massaged their bellies in an effort to attain vibrant health. It has only recently become recognized in the west as a healing modality.

When I began reading Master Mantak Chi and Stephen Chang’s books some 20 years ago. It made sense to me and at the same time confused my western mind.

Elemental forces! Fire,Water,Wood,Metal,Earth. “What does that have to do with me?” I thought. And the confusion continued.

When I began study in earnest with a teacher it started to become clear. Elemental forces? The forces of nature that influence all processes on the planet. Pretty heavy stuff to wrap your mind around. If it is a western mind that is.
So I began to attempt to turn off my critical way of thinking, and I allowed my mind to approach the subject matter from a different direction.

These forces are not concrete substances. Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth are words used to describe qualities of elemental forces. Water for instance can express itself in many ways. Cold,Hot,Steam,Slush,Ice,Stagnant,etc. It can be a gentle pool, a tsunami and snow. Remember, Qualities not concrete substances. Once you wrap your mind around that the rest will come easy.

What does that have to do with Chi Nei Tsang and the healing process? The qualities these forces represent are all ways that chi or energy moves. Briefly: Fire=quick,Wood=expansive,Metal=conserving,Earth=supportive,Water=dissolving: to name a very few. When you receive a Chi Nei Tsang treatment you are given the opportunity to experience the movement of these forces within your meridian system thru abdominal chi massage.

And in that experience your body reacquaints itself with the experience of vibrant health.