How to find the best Teacher for You!

A yoga teacher who is enthusiastic as well as supportive can help to change the lifestyle of the most sedimentary participant and a yoga teacher who leads by example, is even more influential. Because there are so many different styles to choose from, it is worth researching the style that will suit you by popping along and speaking to the yoga teacher so that you can ask any relevant questions.

Yoga isn’t just another fitness craze—it’s a full-body workout promoting strength, flexibility and emotional well-being for men and women of all ages. But finding the right-for-you studio can be tricky, since every yogi has different needs and preferences. If you’re looking for the best yoga in Nashville, these local spots shine brightest in terms of instructors, reputation and overall vibe.

Consider your own requirements before signing up, such as if you like an intensive work out and are fairly fit and supple, then it may be an idea to try a style that is more demanding such as Bikram yoga or Ashtanga yoga. If you prefer a more gentle introduction due to being less than confident or are perhaps not as fit or as healthy as you would like, then Hatha or Iyengar yoga may be the best choice for you. Make sure you are honest with any potential yoga teacher about any physical problems that you are experiencing which may hamper the correct positioning during the yogic moves.

When looking to find a good yoga teacher you should consider the following:

– How passionate and enthusiastic they seem about their style of yoga
– How well they can communicate the benefits which are relative to you
– How patient and understanding they appear to be
– How well you feel rapport with them
– How regular are the lessons and are they mixed ability classes?
– How well they answer any relevant questions

A good yoga teacher will be realistic about mind, body and spirit development and will also introduce the basic relaxation techniques so as to help the student understand how stress and tension can affect the body and how to release the negative aspects of stress and learn to be able to relax the muscles at will.

Find out which style of yoga is practiced in your local vicinity and research using books and via the internet so that you are sure that it is the style which suits you the most. All types of yoga have a forward progression and will have a wonderful effect on your health when practised regularly. Learning yoga will have many positive benefits to all who practice it and it is essential that you find a qualified and enthusiastic yoga teacher to aid your learning whilst in a safe environment.