I read this article with total dismay http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2515555/people-dont-realise-sugar-Coca-Cola-admits-companys-PRESIDENT.html that the interviewer did not call European Coke President James Quincey on his defense of coke and its high sugar content.

For those who haven’t read the article, the interviewer timidly looked for answers form Jeremy for the high sugar content in coke, which has around 6 teaspoons in a regular can, meaning a large coke at the cinemas would contains as much as 42 teaspoons of sugar

Quincey went on to say that the problem was not the calorie content of coke, it was the serving size, with which needed to come down. A can of coke has similar calories as a cappuccino or half a croissant.

He might as well have said “But don’t forget, we don’t test out coke on animals and it does not harm the ozone layer” for all the relevance this calorie comparison has. It’s a smokescreen, he knows it, coke causes untold harm to modern society as is a major cause of obesity and diabetes…. And it’s not about the calories, it’s about the SUGAR.

This is how it works.

  1. We are supposed to have a maximum amount of calories per day. It differs per person, but should more or less match your energy needs per day.
  2. As a totally separate issue, there is an absolute maximum amount of calories we can get from simple carbohydrates, especially the simplest ones such as glucose and fructose, the two most common sugars.
  3. Young adults can tolerate the highest amounts of sugar, as how much we can process is determined by the size and efficiency or our pancreas. Smaller children, have smaller pancreases. Older people, have less efficient ones and can’t generate enough insulin to deal with the sugar.
  4. The amount of sugar we can turn into energy in a single day is pretty damn small. Total, is about the contents of a can of coke or two… and since there is sugar in almost everything… If you have a can or two of coke per day… that pretty much limits you to eating nothing else for the rest of the day if you want to stay under your sugar limit for the day.
  5. If you have more sugar than your body can turn into energy its converted to fat.
  6. If you continually have too much sugar, you damage your pancreas, and your ability to create insulin diminishes. Ditto, if you are overweight. Fat covered organs, don’t work as well.
  7. You could consume 80% of your daily calorie needs yet still gain weight and feel lethargic if you eat too much sugar. Your body can’t process the sugar turns it into fat, the fat is not readily available to you as a short term energy supply…. So you get tired. And fatter.

See the evil in James Quincey’s words? He KNOWS the problem is not the calorie content of coke, it’s the fact those calories are almost 100% from sugar, and that too much sugar is perhaps the biggest health problem facing modern society.
He knows it, yet throws out this red herring, this straw man, this irrelevant piece of nonsense… because he wants people to believe maybe coke is not so bad… and to keep drinking it. It’s in his company’s interests for them to do that.
If he worked for a nuclear power plant that was positioned on top of a dangerous earthquake fault line on the coast of a country regularly hit by tsunamis he’d be telling you that nuclear power helps us combat global warming.
James? Get stuffed buddy.
You know the evil of your product and are seeking to draw attention from it. What you are doing is evil.