Eyesight training systems focus on strengthening the muscles that control the eye’s ability to focus, and teaching the patient how they can overcome their own inability to focus their eye and avoid cataract surgery

According to the ophthalmology kansas city mo professionals, eye exercise may not only improve the focus of the patient, but may strengthen their ability to focus for longer. Proponents claim that they are able to throw away their glasses, others claim that they are able to read better with higher understanding for longer, play ball sports better etc. You can find Aviator Bifocal Reading Glasses online, which can play an important role into improving the patient.

Eyesight training systems are a complementary medicine and according to optometrist, Dr Durante, are not for everyone and we are not recommending you order a system online now, and then throw your glasses away. If you have a malformed eyeball or serious eye condition, eye exercise can not change this but postoperative ocular steroids could help. But if you are suffering from eye tiredness and are looking to try something other than a stronger prescription we’d recommend giving reading glasses a try.

(Editor’s note. I am not tried a specific eye training system, however when I was twenty one I started to develop blurry vision…. as if I was very tired. I put it down to being…. very tired! I was working long hours and not looking after my health. Shortly after I ended up visiting emergency eye care services because I thought I was going blind. However, I just needed glasses. Not strong ones, but glass all the same and my prescription increased steadily over the next 4 years after I visited the eye care center.

At twenty five I left my job as an office worker, and took a job that involved me focusing intently for long periods of time very close up on objects, and on objects at a distance. Within 3 months I had gone down a prescription strength, and then after 6 months I took off my glasses and realized I could see better without them.

15 years later, I have better than 20/20 vision but if I’ve had a long day or am tired do still have trouble focusing on a fast moving tennis ball, small print in a book or a computer screen. I don’t expect eye training can cure all eye problems, but without question something of that nature cured my vision.)