Without a doubt the most common question I get asked be people who are about to going from being fairly sedentary and overweight, to working out in a gym is “Should I train on the fat loss program of the fitness program or should I get an arm lift Sydney?”

The theory of the two plans is this. BY training at a lower intensity, you allow your body to convert fat into sugar for energy, thus training at a lower intensity will burn more fat. Training at a higher intensity will instruct your body to call on more immediate energy supplies such as the sugar already available in the body and thus the fat stores will be left alone.

The answer?

Don’t listen to your gym trainer who says do a lower intensity fat burn. They are wrong, and out of their minds. Here’s why.

  • a. When you first start out at a gym, you are likely going to have a low level of fitness. You want to get that fitness level up, as fast as possible. Why? Once you are fitter you will burn more calories. Say after 4 weeks, all you’ve done is the fat burn program, and your fitness level has improved modestly. Keeping your heart rate below 150 beats a minute, perhaps you can comfortably do 20 minutes on a stationary bike on intensity level 12 at 80 revolutions per minuteIf you’d done fitness training, perhaps by now you could up your speed to 956 revolutions per minute, whilst still keep your heart rate at around 80 beats per minute.By increasing your fitness, you can train harder, whilst still keeping your heart rate low, thus you burn more calories, as described in details at https://www.serresponsavel.com/.
  • b. It makes no difference where you burn calories from, from your fat stores, or muscle stored sugar as long as you burn them.With fat burn intensity – sure – perhaps you are burning more of your fat stores at the time of exercising than with fitness training. But someone doing fitness training will deplete their easily accessible energy stores by exercising at a higher rate and their body will seek to replace this from…. their fat stores!So after you’ve left the gym, your body is madly burning fat for some hours after…. A thought I love! The idea my body is still getting the benefit of a workout after I’m back home on the couch?
  • c. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. It’s as simple as that. Your eating habits play a very important role. If you train at a higher intensity your body must burn more calories, there is no way around it. Your body is a machine, with an engine and the fuel must be burnt. We are not a perpetual motion machine.
  • d. Ever seen a fat cyclist or runner? Or a fat swimmer, or rower? You think these people are training, exercising well within their limits? Of course they aren’t. They got their vitually fatless bodies by training at the highest level they could.

Fat Burn exercising is the fitness industries biggest myth and if I was a conspiracy theorist I’d say it was created to get people to join gyms, and lose weight as slowly as possible so they had to sign up for long memberships. Find out weight loss information at nutrisyste.

One thing every person who is trying to get in shape must know is that only going to the gym will not help you get in shape. Along with working out, there must be a constant supply of minerals into your bodies such as proteins, to calculate the amount of protein needed to maximize anabolism use our protein calculator. I would recommend you to use Pure Acai as an additional form of a supplement as it has all the necessary types of compounds which will help you get the perfect healthy shape you always desired.

Seriously though, if you want results – fitness train. You’ll achieve a harder, sexier, fitter body faster.

Fat Training? Forget about it.

Article by Michael Doglasse
Michael is a personal trainer, a former fattie, and rebel against the established fitness indutry. He gets results be keeping his clients happy with training methods they can stick to.