Being a wellbeing practitioner, you may be many things. Healer, receptionist, marketing manager, human resources coordinator, book keeper….. If only the success of your practice came down solely to your skill and training in your chosen healing field. Sometimes is might seem that your wellbeing practice is little more than one big juggling exercise.ᅠThe as if you did not have enough to manage, now your business is operating in a time of global economic uncertainty.

In this section of Wellbeing Spotᅠwe are gathering articles that anyone can use in the day to day bettering of their business, but the articles will have a definite slanting towards wellbeing practitioners.

Our first Articles if from Chiropractic Coach Dr. Rosen. its an article aimed at chiropractors, but its a good read for any practitioner wondering how they are going to fare in today’s tough economic climate.

Happy Reading

Nici Bruckner
Wellbeing Spot