LCPH’s primary focus is on health screening and education toward the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancers, which are increasingly prevalent among coastal Kenyans, they want all patients to have access to long term medicaid services. Some of these services are either cost prohibitive or otherwise unavailable in Lamu County.

The LCPH board, which oversees the clinic and is responsible for fundraising for the clinic, is based in Bloomington, Illinois, USA.

All contributions go directly to enhancing the healthcare services that LCPH provides to the Lamu community. Your contribution will go towards operational costs of the clinic, medical equipment, medicines, educational materials as well healthcare workers’ salaries. Some medical equipment that can really help out clinics are these cpap cleaning wipes in ellsworth wi. 


This class is taught by: Kathy Gabriel


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Experience includes:
  • Enjoy a yoga session while being able to contribute to a meaningful cause
  • A unique yoga experience in fun, random locations around the island
  • Meet likeminded individuals who want to share a practice with you
  • Explore Singapore in a unique way