I’d always had a clicking jaw, nothing major and it had never bothered me. I remember reading somewhere that most people’s jaw’s click, so I never bothered about it. That was until one day I found myself unable to close it properly on the right hand side.

The problem started with dinner at a friend’s place and some rather chewing meat. Smiling I complimented him on his cooking and chewed away. I did get some immediate discomfort, but nothing to really worry about.

The next day I awoke and noticed some continuing discomfort in the right side of my jaw. I attempted to bite down and realized the when I did so, my teeth did not meet on the right hand side, and there was considerable pain. You can find out more here about Naples Family Dentistry for dental implants. I’m busy, so I decided the best treatment would be to ignore it and wait for it to pass. Three weeks later, and not relief, I went to the family dentist who twisted my jaw, looked at my quizzically, mumbled some things then referred me off to a specialist. He was the same dentist who had referred me to buy a transfer board here for a close relative, and as it worked out great, I went along with what he said. The specialist was going to cost me $400 just for the consult, and I needed to wait 6 weeks. If you ever get surgery done for eliminating jaw soreness then you may get some teeth removed if they are the cause of the pain. While getting your jaw fixed up is great you might also want a solution for those missing teeth. A great option for that is by getting dental implants. The dentist in this community is also working with affordable dental implants allowing those in need to make possible their dental implant surgery.

Quite by coincidence I had lunch with a friend the next day whose wife is a physical therapist and whilst sipping my soup I bemoaned my sore jaw and he told me his wife had just completed some course in oral physiotherapy and that I should go and see her.

I am so glad I did.

Petra was thorough in learning of my history of jaw clicking, the cause of the acute flare up and then went on to ask questions about things such as my pillow. I like a firm, high pillow. Next the examination and treatment, at which point I was told my jaw mobility had become compromised, probably through discomfort causing muscle spasm, my chewing technique only rotating my jaw in a certain way etc.

The treatment was not painful, though its somewhat disconcerting to have someone’s hands in your mouth pushing this way and that. But the relief was amazing thanks to the luxe dental north Melbourne I do not have pain anymore.


Petra also asked me to read The Responsibility of Retainers – Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics as I might have to get one very soon to align my teeth in a row. But I was now happy as I could now shut my jaw properly, even though there was lingering discomfort. If you are having trouble with your dental hygiene, modern orthodontist in highland park is a professional ready to help you.

I was given exercise to do at home to continue the process of freeing up my locked jaw, smiling as hard as I could, frowning as hard as I could, opening my mouth as wide as I could then grimacing. One more manipulative treatment later and a week of exercises, and I was better than I could remember ever being. My jaw still clicks ever so slightly, but nothing like it used to.ᅠ

So don’t think your physiotherapist is there just for your sore back, or dodgy knee – physical therapy is greatly more than that, now that I know this I will make sure to visit the physical therapy springfield mo clinic more often.

I save myself weeks of pain, and many hundreds of dollars. I rang my dentist back to let him know the result and he admitted to not knowing that physiotherapists could treat such conditions and that he would note it for future reference.