I was visiting Australia recently and I saw an advertisement come on the television for Nutella. Now I like nutella, it’s chocolatier than chocolate, and I love the texture. I don’t bother to put it on crackers or bread – I’m a straight from the jar man.

To me, Nutella is a treat, a sweat, a sometimes food… buts that’s not how it’s portrayed. Here in the US, it’s portrayed as a children’s food that will help them fulfil their dreams as they grow up. Just how, a chocolate spread could do this I am not sure…. But in Australia? Ferrero(the company that makes Nutella) goes one step further. They advertise that it’s actually a healthy breakfast alternative.

One advertisement has an Australian mother/marathon runner saying “Nutella has less fat than peanut butter, and less sugar than many jams!” Whilst this is true… it’s the detail that is left out here. Why?

  1. Nutella gram for gram has less calories in it that Peanut Butter, since its main ingredients are fat and sugar, whereas Peanut butter is mainly fat. Fat has more calories in it, than Sugar.

    The reality? If children are left to add their own Nutella or Peanut Butter to their toast? Expect them to put at least twice as much Nutella on than Peanut Butter.

  2. Peanut Butter has negligible amounts of trans fats…. just like Nutella…. at least in the US, Mexico and Canada. That’s because Nutella should not have ANY trans fats in it either, they are added only to improve consistency, even though the makers know full well that these fats are like poison to our hearts.

    Outside North America…. profit rules over health concerns, and Ferrero continues to add trans fats to Nutella. Because its cheap, and profitable, they add poison to their product.

  3. No point in saying that Nutella has less sugar than many jams – it’s got at least twice the calories of most jams and it’s generally spread more thickly as well….. and also most people putting jam on their toast don’t sneak a sly spoonful whilst spreading it on….:)
  4. Peanut butter also contains some useful calories in the form of Protein, whereas Nutella, as almost no protein

Another ad portrays children as needing lots of calories to learn to do certain high end tasks like… become a pilot. Now…. every parent wants their child to do well, so this is just blatant guilt advertising – buy your kid Nutella or they’ll never become a pilot! To claim Nutella can play any part of a balance breakfast as this ad does is just silly. The ad recommends 2 slices of toast with Nutella( which translates to two THICKLY spread slices of Nutella and probably a spoonful to boot), a piece of fruit and a glass of milk This is far more calories (even ignoring the fact they are useless calories at best coming with little nutrition) than your average kid should be eating for breakfast.

If you want to eat Nutella… eat it. There are worse things you can do. If your kids like it and you want to let them eat it? That’s your choice, but don’t be fooled into thinking its good for them. Don’t feel guilty for denying it to them because giving it to them won’t help them fly a plane…. or achieve any of their lofty goals for that matter unless they include becoming a Sumo wrestler.

Do your kids a favor and just give them something for breakfast that is truly healthy – if they want to eat Nutella offer them a spoonful for dessert after dinner once a week.

Nutella is a dessert
It’s not a healthy breakfast food.