Stressed out? Tired of the same old, same old? Surgery out of the question? Why not try something different and non-harming to help combat health conditions. What is available on the market? Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy. These are sweeping the nations with their benefits and ways of helping people, from getting off some pain medications to avoiding back surgery. You can consider Murfreesboro TN Self Pay Bariatric Surgery they understand the importance of surgery and have developed a weight loss program that fits all of our patients’ needs. According to the therapists at, this was developed as a result of extensive research, Raindrop Therapy is a massage technique that applies carefully selected essential oils along the spine to correct back pain caused by muscular tension and toxicity. Viruses and bacteria lie dormant along the spine, not only depleting the immune system, but eventually causing inflammation and misalignment among other problems. These powerful essential oils, known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, work to correct many of the ailments suffered as a result of blockages in the nerves along the spinal column. An eight step technique is used to apply the essential oils blends along the spine. Using a variety of hand to body techniques the oils are then massaged in after which towels are used to complete each application and help with absorption. Some of the benefits reported include:

* Relieved stress and anxiety

* Pain relief

* Spinal realignment

* Revitalization

* Detoxification

Drops of the purest nine essential oils applied in a raindrop-like fashion along the spine transport you to an alpha state of relaxation. A therapeutic experience that may keep working for several days but sometimes weeks, even months.