I am also a sufferer of tonsil stones, I didn’t realize what that were either – I always thought I had acid re-flux.  Eventually, I realized it had to be something else. It was quite by chance when I had this sensation of something being caught in my throat that I googled it and accidentally stumbled over tonsil stones.

I massaged this massive one out. It must have been almost 2cm long and a cm wide. Gross in every way. Over the coming months I massaged more out, but none ever as big as this mother. I thought I had solved the problem as I could easily massage this tonsil crypt and get the stones out…. But my bad breath persisted. I check my tonsils with a torch, squeezed the crypts clear. Better, but not fixed.

It was not till I stuck the end of a spoon(backwards) down my throat some years later, that I realized the tonsils were not just this one crypt, they went further back down my throat another couple of cm. If you’ve ever seen those weird toads that carry their tadpoles in pores on the back? It was kind of like that. Except instead of tadpoles… these huge pores were full of whity, yellow crap.

Pretty hard to get at these blighters, I poked at them till the back of my throat bled but got rid of most of them.

I considered surgery, tonsillectomy, tonsil laser surgery… but the former seemed to dangerous and painful for an adult and the latter not necessarily effective. If I was going to go through this pain, I wanted results.

I have post nasal drop which sucks, and always remember having a small cough as a result.

OK, so this is what I found out.

  1. The white tonsil stones that smell like death, are a mix of smelly chemicals and bacteria.
  2. I produce a tonne of excess protein in the form of my post nasal drip and sinus problems in mouth, which feeds the bacteria that grows the tonsil stones.
  3. I drink too much coffee. it helps them grow as well.
  4. I have large tonsil crypts. Without these, there would probably be no problem, nowhere for the tonsil stones to form.

I have this week started on a regime of

  1. Nasal bathing using a netti pot. This reduces the bacteria in my sinuses, so its not a tap of dripping bacteria into the back of my mouth, I’ll check with my sinus doctor new jersey in a week to see how everything’s going.
  2. Salt therapy using a spray I found online.
  3. Gargling with an alcohol free mouth wash. The “BOOM” that the alcohol stuff gives you is actually bad for you, in almost every possible way.
  4. I now have a water pick and its great, I can squirt the little nasty things right out of the back of my throat, sticking the end right in the tonsil crypts.
  5. I have said goodbye to coffee (sigh). A sad parting… but I’ve also kissed something else goodbye by forgoing coffee… my sweat no longer smells like cat piss when I exercise. Great Huh?

I will report back on progress in a couple of weeks

(Name withheld because of embarrasment)