A newly released medication used to aid non-smokers is now available by prescription only. Chantix, containing the active ingredient Varenicline tartrate. Chantix tablets help smokers to become non-smokers in two essential ways. Firstly taking Chantix reduces the pleasure of smoking and secondly, Chantix helps to reduce the withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting smoking.

Varenicline Tartrate is a new molecular entity that received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2006. It acts at the sites in the brain most affected by nicotine and helps users quit smoking in two ways: by providing some nicotine effects to ease withdrawal symptoms, and blocking the effects of nicotine from cigarettes if smoking is resumed. It is not nicotine, but it binds to the nicotine receptors in the brain, just as nicotine does.

Chantix tablets are meant to be taken over a period of 12 weeks but it is not uncommon for some heavy smokers to double this time frame to ensure they remain non-smokers.

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There is a list of recorded side-effects from taking Chantix which include: nausea, and vomiting, headaches, inability to sleep (insomnia), disturbed dreams, and changes in the taste of food.