Relapse Prevention is a common term used in many forms of california rehab center, including stopping smoking. The theory of relapse prevention is quite simple. If we recognise why and when we feel the need to smoke it can be prepared for and dealt with.

Often smoking is associated with habit and individuals often have their own triggers or situations that cause them to want to smoke. These may be stressful situations they encounter regularly or simply certain time of the day they are used to having a cigarette.

By identifying the times and situations that cause an individual to smoke cigarettes substitute activities and behaviours can be prepared such as deep breathing, going for a walk at that time every day or developing a new hobby or interest that can take the place of cigarette smoking for that time. Alternatively, trigger situations, people or activities can be actively avoided but with back up techniques or behaviours can be ready to be used.

Relapse prevention should be practiced whilst quitting and, as the name suggests, after quitting also. Another helpful tip to help prevent relapse to smoking is to have a support friend or family member that you can contact anytime for support with not smoking. The Beaches Treatment Center is the the highest rated Addiction Treatment Center in Florida It is also handy to have a reward or bargain system with you support person who can, for example, take you out for lunch as a reward for a smoke free day.