Stressed Out?

Have you been feeling trapped, blocked, helpless, overwhelmed, agitated or simply stressed out? Difficult times always exacerbate the vulnerable places within us; the solution requires a two step approach.

The first task is to understand the feeling driving the stress because stress is not a primary feeling but rather a secondary response to a more underlying feeling. Essentially it’s a response we have from a feeling like overwhelmed, how we feel when we have too much to do and are afraid we can’t do it all well enough. Maybe the feeling is scared, how we feel when we perceive a danger to someone or something of value. Perhaps helpless, the feeling we have after we have tried solutions but nothing we have done has lead to resolution.

A fellow recently came to see me saying that his business had hit tough times. He explained various details of his business, the national economic situation and the volatility of today’s global economy. Thoughts of failure cascaded into self critical inner talk, “I’m dumb, I can’t do anything right, this always happens to me, I’m a failure, I should have chosen another profession.” Focusing on the problem paralyzed him, kept him from finding solutions. When a golfer worries about the trees, that’s where the ball goes, the subconscious part of our mind always give us what we focus upon.

In hypnosis the man followed the thoughts of failure to an earlier time when he thought that way. The thought lead to a more primary emotion, feeling terrorized and frightened by a bigger boy who was picking on him every day when he walked home from school. One day the bigger boy grabbed him and he felt helpless, the same feeling he was having now that was powering what he called stress, thoughts and feelings of being unable to control the outcome of what was occurring in his life.

In hypnosis one recalls the thoughts and feelings an earlier experience and simultaneously sees and understands that event from today’s perspective. Imagine how many things we have worried about and how differently we might have reacted had we known that it was not as bad as we feared or that we would surmount the difficulty. The “miracle” of hypnosis is the process of freeing ourselves from the resonance of lousy feelings, like old thinking, old feelings are just a memory, an echo from a valley we passed through long ago.

A few of weeks after the client met with me he phoned to say that his business had improved, he had made some adjustments in marketing, was getting out to the local business community with a more creative attitude and once again felt positive and in control. Identifying the underlying emotion lead to finding solutions and broke the cycle of overwhelmed, scared, hopeless and stressed.

Rob Collier is the resident Hypnotist at Health Oriented, Natural and Alternative Medicine – 3020 E. Commercial Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, 954-772-1919. The center provides Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Herbal Medicine and a variety of healthcare modalities. Health Oriented (MM11403) is a spectacular environment for Hypnosis since substantially accelerated progress is possible when combined with other types of natural healing. Some issues may require a written medical referral. Robert Collier, CHT

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