All Wellbeing Businesses in ‘Healing Touch’

  • Synergistic Healing

    Energy based wellness sessions, including Healing Touch, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Integrated Energy Therapy, Trauma Release, remote healing, Mind, Body and Spirit coaching, Workshops, wellness directory, free newsletter, prayer circle, resources, articles.

  • Communicating Energy Institute

    Our first language is Energy!Communicating Energy Institute provides awareness, education and experience of your body’s energy system for health and wholeness. Through personal sessions, clients begin to know and feel their cellular communication to become communication partners with their body and consciousness for health and wellness. Services include private sessions, Read more

  • Holistic Healings

    A holistic practice encorporating Healing Touch, EFT, Past Life Regressions, Toe Reading and various other modalities to aid the client in bringing balance to their energy system

  • To soothe and to heal

    Energy therapy through gentle touch at the joints and on the energy centers promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Clients experience improved well-being, pain relief, stress reduction, improved mood, and easing of acute and chronic conditions. In-person and distance healing options are available. Energy therapy is safe for all Read more

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