Weight is BIG business, but what does it really take to release weight?

Obesity is a Health Problem that is escalating in countries where we are fortunate to have plenty choices of foods and have the money to buy food. That in turn is a paradise for food marketing companies that try every which way to entice the buyer to sometimes dubious credibility to healthfulness food and in the case of some products, that portray the image that somehow you will have ‘fun’ or be in the ‘In’ crowd by choosing their product.

Then we have all the Diet advice and calorie counting with exercise regimes that would make you fit enough to produce a top sportsperson. And diet advice changes from needing to avoid eating eggs, or only eating the white and not the yolk, to reverse a couple of years later saying we should have one egg a day. One year, butter is better than margarine, the next, margarine is better than butter. Confusing to say the least. If you are looking for a great diet go here for more info.

The latest fads are trade names for imaginary hypnosis gastric surgery, or liposuction that is freezing fat off to entices you to want to exercise, eat slowly etc. etc. I am a clinical hypnotherapist for over 20 years, and I can assure you clients have been releasing weight for years before any of these ‘gimmicks’ came into being. Whilst the imagery works with many people, if you know your hypnosis, you don’t need to do an expensive workshop just to have a copyright name of the company that took it out to take your money that somehow it is something that works better than you already have. A well trained hypnotherapist should know what the subconscious is capable off and use client-centered hypnosis to remove the obstacles that are stopping them from achieving their goals. To achieve weight loss is essential to keep some healthy habits, like sticking to a  8 hours sleep schedule for example.

Research shows that most people who go on diets and use willpower, within 5 years, all but around 6% will return to their original weight (sometimes even more). Yo-Yo dieting can become the norm. But that is caused by dieting regimes. People start off using willpower then give it all away as it is not sustainable to keep doing something that you really don’t want to do. So what to do? With leptitox pills you will be able to change your weight easily. Having the right the diet , you will burn a lot of fat.

Create Balance in Your Life.

The first obstacle can be that you made a decision deep in your subconscious mind that relates to a traumatic or stressful event. If you were sexually or psychologically abused in your life or bullied at school, the feelings and emotions you experienced may have caused your mind to put on weight so you became bigger to be able to protect yourself, or become unattractive so you don’t get sexually abused again. Of course there are other reasons (or stoppers). Some people tell me that it is just that they LOVE food, or their parents instilled in them that they had to eat everything on their plate before being able to rise from the table…. and the list goes on. Counseling or ‘Talk Therapy’ may help you understand your problems, but rarely are you able to be release the feelings and emotions associated with those events, as they are housed in the subconscious mind where skills are needed to be able to release them at that level. To find out a natural way of losing weight click on Thermoxplode.

The important step then is to learn what works for you. Know that one or two glasses of wine once or twice a week is fine – one or two bottles isn’t. The small piece of meat and three vegetables worked well, providing all the nutrients the body required. But think about how much activity you used to do versus the amount of food you used to eat. How is that ratio today?

I tore the ligaments in my knees through an accident and can no longer run eight times around two soccer pitches every day before work, something I used to do many years ago. In those days I also had younger children and went to work. We would go out to the club with friends and dance. At lunchtime, I used to meet up with a lady at lunch time. We worked in a four floor business complex. We used to climb the stairs two at a time and run to the top, then down to the ground floor and back up again.

Now my life has changed. If I kept eating the same amount of food as I did when I did all of the above, I would suggest that I would no longer be burning up that amount and anything my body does not use would be stored as excess fat. And so keeping life in balance requires me to adjust this.

We can put in exercise, but remember that there are more marathon runners that die of a heart attack than people who do no exercise at all. So moderation is the name.

There are many things you can put into place that all make a difference. Stop eating unless your stomach tells you that you are hungry. Don’t eat out of boredom, or because you are sad, or happy, or just because it is there. If you are tempted to eat at these times, imagine me on your shoulder, saying “Stop it!” Then turn away and go find something else to do.

Use your mind to imagine the weight coming off – exercise in your sleep, feel a full up feeling when you have had enough. And there are many more tricks of the mind that make it easier for you, when programmed into your subconscious mind.

aturally, nice and easy. And you will be surprised how easily weight can come off when you stop having to think about it.